Friday, October 26, 2012

Real 1 Month Photos!

Wow! Just Wow! What a difference good feed, good hay and structured turnout can do!

This mare has totally blown my mind in the past couple days. She is now letting me pick up all 4 feet with NO PROBLEMS at all. No tugging, no pulling, no flying backwards. She stands super quiet on the cross ties and lets my 3 year old daughter, with supervision, lead her around the barn. She has not offered to kick or be nasty in the last 2 weeks. Her temperament is wonderful. Very quiet, very in your pocket, very loving.

I am going to try to find my circingle that is somewhere in Mom's barn...wish me luck on finding it! I need to start building up her back muscle before I put anyone on her. I am really hoping to get some good training on her and get her on the market in the spring. Gwen has asked to ride her...we shall see how she does with some training. If I still have her by show season next year, maybe Gwen can take her in lead line!!!

One last set of pictures for you to compare.... These two pictures really brought it home to me!

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