Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Years Everyone! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas was especially good to us this year. We got to spend the holidays with our families, which means more to me than anything else. There were people that were not able to make it to Christmas this year, for reasons I wont go into. And there were people that may not have been there physically, but were there in spirit.

As for the actual gifts, my hubby got me my new Camera! I am in love with this thing! I cant wait for spring to get here so I can get pictures of the trees and flowers blooming. I did, however, take the camera to the barn the other day to see what kind of pictures I could get. Be prepared....there are a lot...and even more on my facebook page!

So the plan was to head to the barn and see how my camera did on Tia pictures. Cause you all know she is my little muse! :) Well when I got there...this is what I found...

A very fat, very dirty pony! So I sighed to myself and loaded my care with the bath time preparations and headed to the big barn. Once I got her in the barn...I realized it was worse then I thought...this was gonna take forever!

I scrubbed this mare for at least 2 hours...and she still had little pockets of dirt under her coat! She was not happy about any of it either. We had 3 come to Jesus meetings before she realized it would be beneficial to her health and well being if she didn't lift her foot at me or try to sit down on the cross ties! Sigh..Next time I am just biting the bullet and washing her in DAWN! That'll get the crud off of her! She did..however..totally enjoy her teats being cleaned! The first time I ever cleaned them she tried to kill me. Since then, she loves it. Nickers the entire time I am cleaning them! Weird little mare! But, at least she was clean..sorta!

She even got a slight hair cut! Her mane was looking pretty raggedy and he bridle path was almost non-existent! So she got a little trim and then she was put back outside with her Mia Monster!

She was clean, sorta, for all of maybe 5 minutes! Then....

Yeah. She was feeling pretty frisky! It always puts a smile on my face when I see her this way. I have tried so hard to give her a life she is happy in, and watching her like this makes me feel like I have done something right! She is happy, and healthy, and that is all I can ask for. Going into 2014 there will be a whole different set of expectations for her and I. I just haven't told her yet.....

Gabs came over to the farm as I was finishing up with Tia to give Mocha a bath and see how he is moving now. He has been off for some time now. We put him back on his joint supplement and TADA! Sound Pony! Yay! And now, just because, here are a few pics of Mocha man!

I get this look A LOT! 

I loveeeee this picture! 

I'm sorry! I couldn't help myself!

I am hoping to be better about blogging in 2014, and hopefully I will be able too. There are lots of exciting things that are going to be happening for Tia in the coming year!

I hope everyone has an amazing New Years! See you all next year!

Erin and Tia

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Its cold. Very...Very...Very COLD!

I don't like to be cold..ever. It makes me grumpy. My husband says I was a bear in my last life. I tend to agree with him!

Now, that being said, I also know that just because I am cold, doesn't mean those around me are. I know that I have hormonal/medical reasons for being hot and/or cold when everyone else is perfectly comfortable. I extend this thought process to Tia. Last year, the girls at the barn we kind enough to lend Tia a blanket since she was still a bit thin and was shivering when she was outside. This year is a whole different story! Tia is FAT...far fatter then she should be! She and Mia choose to stand out in the rain in 30-40 degree weather because "They are mare! Hear them roar!" Neither one of them were shivering.

That being said, guess who got her very own blanket this year! TIA! I am super excited to have it on hand and will most likely only use it on emergency cases. But at least I have it...and if I must say so...She looks amazing in red!

Because of the weather, I haven't been able to spend any time with my students and their horses.

Gabs and Mocha! I love these two!

Tango and Phyllis! This is my newest Boyfriend! 

Allie and Jennifer! This little Mustang Mare is currently up for Lease/Possible Sale.

Becca and Mia! My little Mini Me and her Zebra!
Ceaser and Mel! They are in VA!

Reba and Sherry! Reba has an uncanny ability to know when I am coming out...and then hurt herself! Grrr

And just to put that in perspective with the type of weather we are dealing with...Here ya go! 

While this is extremely pretty...ICE is NASTY stuff. My car does not like Ice...AT ALL. Therefore, when there is ice on the ground, my butt stays home! And while I am well aware that what we are getting here is absolutely nothing compared to other parts of the country/world, I know my limits. I don't drive in nasty weather. Ie: snow and ice. I know better then to put other people at risk because I cant handle driving in the inclement weather. 

So like I said...Pretty....but nasty! AND COLD! Did I mention I hate being cold!?