Monday, October 22, 2012

Poor Little Tia's Butt!

Sigh. Well, I was supposed to take brand new, wonderful, full month pictures of Tia tonight, as well as ride the Mocha Man... that didn't happen.

I got to the barn a little before it got completely dark to feed. The girls are all out in the ring while the area around the new pond is being seeded. So, I go in and put feed in everyone's room, lock up the goaties in their room and head down to get the girls.

Ber first, Mia second, Tia last. No issues. I bring Tia in her room and leave her halter on because I want to take pictures of her after she finished her dinner. I give her a pat on her expanding neck (yay!) and turn to leave...but wait...blood? Sigh. I go to investigate...again...sigh.

I leave her to eat and then decide when she is about 1/2 done that I can't handle it anymore and bring her out to inspect her thoroughly. This is what I found...

The above pictures are after I cleaned and put meds on her cuts. I'm honestly not sure what the devil happened. She has a few cuts and scrapes on her legs as well. I'm torn between thinking that maybe she got cast while out in the ring, or maybe she messed with one of the girls and they told her about herself. Either way, she is a horse, they do this kind of thing all the time. We may never know what exactly happened. I am not upset with anyone, human or horse. It happens!

That being said, her and I had a discussion while doing my inspection. I really needed to look at her back leg. Yep, the same back leg she has given me issues with before. The dreaded back right leg. Every time I went to touch it she would pick her foot up real fast and swing her hing end towards me. Nope! We aren't playing this game. Swat! Again..Swat! This time she swished her little painted tail and cocked her foot at me. That got her not only swatted but growled at..which ended with licking and chewing (for non-horsey people that means "sorry Mom") and me running my hand up and down her leg.

In the end, all of her cuts got antibiotic ointment as well as as a good spritz from a cut and wound spray. There doesn't seem to be any major cuts..the one on her hip had me concerned until I got a good look at it, but all in all she is ok and was very good for me while I poked and prodded her.

I did get a few shots of her on cross ties to see how much weight she has put on. They aren't great, but you can def see a difference in her. I am transitioning her to only be on the LS feed for a while. Every time I see her, I see a difference in her. I am also seeing lots and lots more of her personality. She is def an alpha mare but she is becoming very aware that when I am around, I am alpha mare! Ha!

That being said, here are a few photos of Miss Tia. I will try to get real photos sometime this week. As you can see by the below pictures..Tia was super excited about the photo opp!

Very little U neck left!!!!!

Really filling in through her belly!

Pawing! Mom let me go finish dinner!

(How do I make the sound of someone sticking their tongue out at me???? lol)

Really filling in in her butt! And look at that hind end! 

 Have a good evening!!!!!

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