Friday, October 12, 2012

Little Miss Independent!

I got a text yesterday morning from one of the girls who is helping with feeding Tia during the day. At first, the texts were good news! She had let the other two mares out into the big field, which caused Tia to have a conniption fit! Bucking, running  throwing her head, screaming her head off! All good signs that her energy level is back up and she is ready to go out with the herd. We made plans to let her out with the big girls on Sunday morning. End of good texts.

Got a text a little later. Tia felt it necessary to try to take Nikki's head off. She went in to feed her, she turned tail and came right at her, squealing the entire time. This ... pissed... me ... off! I don't care if someone has apples tied to their pants, I don't care if someone is poking you with a stick, I don't care if someone is actually pulling your tail... I have two MAIN rules. No KICKING and No BITING.

Now, I get it. She wanted to eat...again. I don't care. Kicking is unacceptable and dangerous. I almost told Nikki to throw her out with the girls and not give her lunch. She would learn real quick that kicking only gets you kicked at back. But, Nikki did the right thing. She chased the hell out of her until she showed submission. Exactly what I would have done. Only then did she get to eat. (Lunch time feedings stop on Saturday by the way) Luckily, Nikki wasn't hurt. She just grazed her thigh. My thoughts for the rest of the day revolved around killing the pony and just how many ways I could accomplish such a thing.

So, the decision was made, after I decided killing the pony would be counter-productive, to put her into book camp a bit early. So, last night Gwen and I headed to the barn to feed. Gabs met us over there. She wanted to watch the first session. I was able to get her to take pictures and video. (Waiting on pics from Gabs)

After the first few minutes of lunging, I can see why the previous owner was a bit scared or apprehensive of the mare. She is definitly more of an alpha mare. She will test everything you do when you ask her to do something. She starts off sweet and innocent and then BAM - witch mode. Its ok tho. I enjoy working with horses that give me a challenge. My first show mare, Majic, was the exact same way. I still remember, in vivid detail, the day I chased her tail around the pasture with a pitch fork because she felt the need to kick at me while I was cleaning the fields...every time I cleaned the fields. Tia reminds me of Majic in a lot of ways.

So, we lunged...and lunged....and lunged some more. When she finally figured out that I wasnt about to back down on what I wanted her to do and that it would be much easier to just follow my instruction, we had a great session. Im pretty sure we both got a good workout!

I did notice that she was off here and there, but it wasnt consistant. I am hoping it was just the ground being a bit hard and uneven. We will have another session tonight as well as tomorrow. I should have the good camera with me tomorrow so I can get some better video. My phone takes crappy video and pics sometimes.

Here are a few photos from our session. Hoping to get the pics from Gabs as well sometime today.

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