Monday, October 15, 2012

Part Of The Herd!

Tia has been really coming along! Thursday, when we had our session, she showed me just how horrible some of this Parreli training can be. The crack of a whip was basically her signal to stop and stare at me. So, the retraining began. By the end of our session, she was going nicely on voice commands at a walk/jog and whoa. I am going to have to get my lunge line from my Mom's place that has the chain on it tho. She pulls...a lot! And, when she decides she is done, she will turn away from you and leave...quickly. My shoulder cant handle that. But, we ended on a super great note. No more putting her butt towards me! I could walk right up behind her with no threat of kicking, she just stepped to the side so that I wasn't directly behind her. Considering before, when you walked up behind her she would bunch her little tail and threaten to kick, I believe this is a sign of improvement.

Friday, I was just feeling to terrible to work with her. Saturday was incredibly hectic...believe me when I say I am paying for it today! I hate being sick.

Sunday morning at 8am I met Becca at the barn to introduce Tia to the herd. We walked Tia and Mia to the riding ring together  The guy was there to work on the pond, so we decided the safest place for them to be was in the ring. This is what we got between Tia and Mia.

So, with absolutely NO squealing, kicking, running, racing, chasing or generally asinine behavior, we gave Tia and Mia about 10 minutes to themselves before bringing Ber down. And this is what we got when we put Ber out...

Again, no kicking, no squealing, no chasing..nothing. It was pretty uneventful....which made me very happy. It makes my heart happy to see Tia out with the other girls. I am hoping all stays calm, so far so good.

I am headed to the drs in a few minutes. No feeding for me tonight. I feel like poop!

I hope everyone has a great Monday.

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