Monday, October 1, 2012


This past Saturday, the 29th, Tia got the opportunity to go out with Mia and Ber and the two evil goats! I can not tell you how excited I was for this to happen!!

Tia will remain in the riding ring until I get her weight up, while the other two horses will go out in the pasture right next to her. They were supposed to go out first this Saturday morning. That didn't happen, which I am actually grateful for. I kinda wanted to be there to see her reaction to the other two right there with her.

It was pretty uneventful! I let the two girls out and my Mom starts telling me to hurry up! (She was standing at the gate with Gwen) Tia actually cantered to the other end of the ring and then did a little trotting!! And I missed the entire thing! Ugh! And all because Mia decided she needed to break through the gate and have a look at the new feed bags in the feed room. Evil fat pony! But, Mom did say that she looked cute, other then being a bag of bones.

It may be wishful thinking, but the girls and I are starting to see some improvement in her weight. Not a whole lot, but enough to make me feel better!

I went to the feed store before heading to the barn on Saturday to pick up feed for the next month or so. She was on Blue Seal Senior, 2lbs 3x a day. She is now on BS Senior, 2lbs 3x a day and BS Performance LS, 1 lb 3x a day. If you aren't familiar with Blue Seal Feeds, they are phenomenal  I also picked up a Panacur Pac to get her wormed this week. Good Lord that stuff is expensive!!!

Anywho, here are the pictures from her first time being out with the other girls. Enjoy!

Oh! And on Friday night, Tia got to meet Lauren! I used to ride with Lauren at my trainers barn years ago! It was so nice to be able to catch up and just hang out!

I hope everyone enjoys their week! I may or may not have anything to post/update this week. But, you can be sure that if there is anything I will update!

Erin Jo

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