Monday, October 8, 2012


I have noticed more and more that sweet little Tia has had more and more energy each evening. I have gotten reports of her pushing people around on lead line and pushing on the gate when she feels she should be fed.

Now, I understand wanting to come in and eat. I get it. I like food too. But I refuse to let her push people around and be disrespectful. Skinny or not, she will understand that I am alpha and that she will respect my space as well as everyone elses. I have made it very clear to Roo and Gabs that regardless of her past, she is with us now and she needs to know that respect is a huge issue. I will not be putting a chain on this mare. I don't think she needs it and I am pretty sure that even if I put one on her she would just run away backwards in fear. All it really takes with her is a swift growl and a good pop on the lead rope and she is right as rain.

This evening, after I brought everyone else is, I looked out to see Tia...trotting around like a maniac. My first thought..Yay I can get video! Then she started pushing on the gate...My second thought..Damn. Its gonna be a slight training session.

So, down to the riding ring I went, camera in tow. Went to untie the gate, she is steady pushing on it. I growled at her, she backed off. I untie the gate, walk in, retie the gate and go to put her halter on. She takes the opp to swing her head away from me, which earned her a growl "Mare!". She brought her head back and let me halter her. Un-clip lead rope...walk away...very confused mare. I turn and ask her to move away from me and walk on. She moved away alright. Right to the gate...with her butt to me. That's a huge no no.

So I asked her to move on, swung the lead around a little, no response. Swung faster and harder - got twitchy ears. Gave her a slight pop on the butt - And Here Is Our Kicker Ladies and Gentleman! Now, before I go any further, she is what I call a "But I" kicker. It lasts just as long as you can say "But I" and nothing really happens. It was more of a bunny hop threat then a kick really, but anytime a horse evens threatens something like that, its Boot Camp time!

I'm pretty sure the neighbors thought WWIII was happening. There was a lot of Cut It Outs and Huts and Ha's going on in a rather loud grouchy tone. She only offered to do it again about 10 seconds later when I tried to push her forward again. More grouchy tone and she decided to just behave.

The more I worked with her, the more I realized that this mare is super green. I'm talking maybe a 3 year old training level. Like, pulled her out of the field at 2, broke her, rode her for a few months and that was it. Which honestly adds up to her story which was she was broke at 2, they rode her for a year, bred her, let her sit, tried to ride her, she became grumpy, they shipped her to the feed lot. This mare needs time. That I can give her.

She is a super cute mover. The video below is of tonight. All I had pushing her on was my voice and a lead rope. I apparently didn't upset her to badly..after "chasing" her around the ring she stopped and came right back to me just as happy as could be. This Saturday  she will start boot camp, which for her will be a watered down version of my normal boot camp, but she will still get worked. I am restarting her from the ground. Hopefully, when I am done with her, she will be good as gold!

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