Monday, November 11, 2013

This past weekend!

I have come to the conclusion that trying to actually catch up is damn near impossible! So, as my daughter said to us after we moved Mia this weekend, "Onward March!".

Friday: The Vet Visit
I normally don't do fall shots for my horses. Mainly because my horses don't go anywhere, and up until recently, they have either been at my house or my Mom's house. Now that I am boarding at a public stable, I kinda felt that even if they didn't require Fall Shots, Tia needs them done because she is around other horses that I don't know. So while my wonderful vet was there, I figured I should have him take a look at her foot.

#1 Her foot is wet because I soaked it to try to make sure there wasn't anything growing in that there cut.
#2 She is NOT a fan of having her foot soaked.
#3 Really....REALLY not a fan of her not being a fan of soaking her foot.

The vet agrees that there is nothing in the cut, but he did say its pretty much a mangled mess. We still aren't sure what she did, and she certainly wasn't going to let us poke and prod her foot for longer than .5 seconds. But, he says that as long as I keep it clean and keep an eye on it it should be OK. As long as it doesn't start quarter cracking all the time, I can avoid chopping off that part of her heel, shoeing her and putting gunk in there to stabilize the hoof. This is what I was hoping to avoid, so for now, we are safe. She got 2 shots and was an extremely good girl for them.

I did have to laugh tho. When Brian, the vet, walked in, I said to him "Hi Brian! Meet the new draft pony!" He couldn't believe the change in her...and then he said " can stop now Erin. I think she is good!" LOL. I had to tell him that I have actually gotten about 30 pounds off of her in the past month or so...he was floored. :) So, Tia has to stay in her stall at night now, which honestly doesn't bother me a bit. Especially with it starting to get super cold. When I had my horses at home they were always on a 12 hr on/12 hr off schedule depending on the season. So this is fine in my book.

Saturday: Busy Busy
I picked up a new student a week ago. Her first lesson with me was Saturday morning. She has an absolutely beautiful BLM Mustang mare. The owner is very aware that her and the mare are oil and water and has said she would like to find the mare a more suitable forever home. (If anyone is interested, let me know!!) She is a highly intelligent mare with some really amazing athletic ability. She would be amazing at barrels, poles, or even gymkhana. But...and please read this carefully, she really needs to be a one person horse. She definitely still has some issues trusting people and can be a bit spooky. All in all, the first lesson with this girl went exceptionally well. By the end of the lesson, the mare was walking in to myself and the owner instead of standing at the edge of the round pen. This mare is broke to ride and has some very pretty movement! Her owner and I are working on her trust issues before we even think about the owner riding her again. There is not a mean bone in this mares body, but her fright/flight is set to flight. We are working on her trust to help with this.
After the lesson, in which Gwen helped the barn owner clean stalls and her field, we met up with my Mom to get feed and go visit the tack store! So we ran and had lunch and then off to Amish country we went!
Jaime moved Dot out - Tia did not take kindly to this event. Apparently, she ran around like a loon and tried to stand on the fence. When I went over to check on her, she was patiently waiting for Lupe to feed her her dinner. I hung up her new stall treat, which kept her busy for a few minutes. I left her snug in her stall for the night.

Sunday: My normal crash day...
Yeah..normal crash day didn't happen this week. Oh well. Sunday morning , I got up and packed Gwen's bag. My daycare is closed on Veterans Day so she is spending the night with Grandma! Once I got everything together, we set off for the tack swap! We met up with Gabs and Pam and took a stroll through there. I got to talk to the local 4H leader about a situation that popped up at one of the shows this past summer and it sounds like all will be taken care of! Yay! Gwen found a breyer she absolutely had to have...I cant say no to $5 for a Breyer! Once we were done at the Swap, we headed over to the barn that Mia was at. We moved out all of Becca's stuff, swept down all the cobwebs, cleaned the goats stall, moved her hay and then blew out the barn so it was sparkling clean! Once my Mom got there, we loaded up Mia and off we went.
When I got out of the car, my Mom asked if I had heard Mia when they drove in. I hadn't. Apparently, the moment she saw Tia she did her very best "Pig from the insurance commercial" impression!

Poor Mia. She has been alone over at the other farm for a little over a month I believe, except for the goats, but they don't count! She was very happy to see her friend Tia. I think the feeling was mutual!

Mocha man wanted to see what all the fuss was about!

Its like they were never even apart. No squealing. No kicking. Nothing. They ran for maybe 2 minutes before they realized they were wasting valuable eating time burning calories they OBVIOUSLY needed!
We left the girls to continue eating while we unloaded the vehicles with Becca's belongings. I think its pretty safe to say that there will be a tack sale needed in our future! Gracious we have a lot of stuff!

As I was leaving, I noticed that Gabs had left. :( But wait! Here she comes back in the driveway! Yay! So I stopped and asked her if she wanted to go grab lunch. She asked if she could run Mocha first! Of Course! Back up to the barn we went!

This boy may be a tank...but boy does he love to run those barrels!

Then it was off to lunch...leaving the farm I got this picture.

I know I might be a bit biased, but dang if she ain't a pretty little mare!

Hubby and I got to spend some time (quietly - no 4 year old!) catching up on some of our shows last night over steak and crab legs! Yum! Tonight after work I am headed to a lesson and then over to pick up Gwen from Grandma's! They have had a fantastic day at Chuckie Cheese and I am sure all parties involved are ready for a nap!


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