Monday, February 17, 2014

Off Course

Life has been....hectic. Yeah! That's the nice way to put it! I haven't had any time to get to the barn...and I wont until probably March! :( If it would ever stop dumping snow and rain and sleet on us I might be able to get down there! The barn owner doesn't plow the driveway and I have a non-snow liking vehicle! Luckily, I have two wonderful friends who can get over there and check on everyone!

In the meantime, we are working on moving my husbands parents into a new home. We started moving them this past weekend and will continue to work on it for the next 2 weekends I believe. This coming weekend we will be moving his parents and not just some of their stuff. There are numerous reasons why we can't do the move in just a weekend...but for my husbands sake, I will not list them. Use your imagination!

One the other hand, the snow has given me the opportunity to take some pretty cool pictures!

I got some good ones of my little girl playing in the snow the next day as well! But I will have to post them later! They are on my other computer!

I hope everyone is staying nice and warm out there! I am so ready for Spring!!!