Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tia's New Digs!

Life has been a bit crazy lately, so I am very sorry for not updating until now. I do, however, have some fun and exciting news!

Tia has been moved to a full care facility! I moved her on June 8th to a barn that is about 20 minutes closer to my house. The facility has two barn, the big barn and the little barn. Tia is in the little barn as the big barn is full. Honestly, I like it this way. She is out by herself in her own field. We have the small barn to ourselves at the moment. The small barn is just two stalls with a tack room and a feed room and small sitting area. Tia really seems to enjoy it at the new farm. She still has friends she can talk to over the fence, until they are moved to the other pasture for field rotations, but she is spending more and more time munching on grass and exploring her new digs then she was standing at the fence line talking to her new boyfriend.

She stays in during the day and gets to go out at night. The mayflies are horrible and she HATES to be fly sprayed. I went over Sunday evening to change out her fly mask, she got sunburn on her nose so I bought her the long mask with the ears, and I sprayed her down with Off. It seems to be the only thing that works against mayflies. Nasty little suckers! She wasn't thrilled with being sprayed down but she soon forgot about how horrible the experience was when she went out and the flies left her alone!

The new barn has tons of trails and a huge indoor and outdoor riding ring. We got to work in the indoor last week, will get to why it was last week being the last time I worked with her in a minute, and she was awesome. She walked nicely through the field with the mare eating geldings in it and only took a few minutes to settle down once in the indoor. She is really starting to come along nicely. She has started to naturally carry her head a bit lower then before and she is now rounding her back instead of hollowing it out. We are definitely getting there.

So got her feet done on the 14th. She was very good. Only gave us small issues with that one front foot...the last foot. But nothing major. She really has turned out to be a nice girl. My new schedule, now that I don't have to drive to the barn, feed, clean stalls, etc., is to go to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. After the gym, I will head over to the barn for some training work with Tia. Every other Monday will be spent in VA giving a lesson. My Saturdays and Sundays are now clear so that I can get to the barn in the morning, work with Tia, and then head back home for some family quality time.

Speaking of family, here is the reason I haven't been able to really work with Tia. Gwen was incredibly sick. I took her to her regular doctors about 3 weeks ago. She was complaining about it hurting to use the potty and she said her tummy hurt. So, I being a half decent mom, took her in. They said there was nothing wrong with her. All their tests came back negative. She was just being a 4 year old. Welp..they were WRONG. I haven't quite figured out how I am going to handle the situation, because quite frankly all I really wanna do is go up there and snap all of their necks. But I can't. Cause that's illegal..... Anyway, so on the 9th, Will, Gwen and I were out doing some mattress shopping, which is a whole other story in itself. She kept saying it hurt to use the potty and that her tummy hurt. Now, she has been semi OK since the doctors appt. She would occasionally tell me it hurt. The way she reacted on Sunday was like something out of the Exorcist Movie. She would literally SCREAM at the top of her lungs. And of course, since it hurt, she was using the potty every 20 minutes and only doing little bits of potty-ing.

I told my husband right then that I was taking her to Patient First. Dropped off Will at the house and took Gwen over there immediately. Now I have to tell you, a lot of people haven't been impressed with Patient First. But you know what, they LISTENED. Her urine test came back positive for a severe bladder infection. She also had a yeast infection. The Dr said there is no way that it could be this bad from the start. This is a UTI that has been building over WEEKS...not Days...but WEEKS. So we start her on Amoxicillin and a cream for the yeast infection. No Change...other then the fact that its getting worse. Wednesday morning, the 12th, she woke up crying at 5:30. I helped her use the potty and put her back to bed. I dropped her off at daycare at 730. 10 minutes later my daycare lady texted me that Gwen was completely inconsolable and couldn't use the potty. I got to work a little before 8. Went in and told my Boss I was calling the Dr. They, Patient First, wanted to see her Immediately. So, at 8:20-something I left work to go get the little Chi. When I got there she was waiting for me at the top of the stairs asking to go back to the doctors. She had to walk a little bow legged because it actually hurt her to walk regularly. I noticed then that her belly seemed to be a bit swollen. (At the first visit, her bladder was inflamed.) So off to PF we go. We get there and she needs to use the potty. So we go back and pee in the cup...while she is screaming bloody murder. I then notice there is blood in her urine. Not just a little either. The doctor wanted to run a blood test to see if anything else was going on. That was fun..you ever tried to take blood from a 4 year old? Not Cool! The same Dr that saw us on Sunday, was seeing us Wed., which I was really happy about. She came in and told me that not only is her bladder worse, but her kidneys were struggling. On a scale of 1 - 10 in severity, on Sunday she was a 3, Wed she was a 5. I asked if I should take her to the ER. She prescribed a new antibiotic and told me to keep her home and watch her closely for the next 2 days. If at any time she spiked a fever over 100 degrees, had vomiting, diarrhea, or the screaming got worse, to pack her bag and get her to the ER. Thankfully, the new antibiotic did the trick. By midday Friday, she wasn't crying anymore when using the potty and the swelling in her tummy had gone down a lot. Can you see why I am mad at the original doctor? Of course she really had something wrong! But, at the moment, we seem to be OK. I am, however, looking for a new pediatrician!

This past Sunday we had a picnic at my Mom's house. My grandparents are up from Florida, so we got the whole family together. What a blast! We had such a great day!

My Brother, My Granddad, and my Dad

The Ospreys!

Brian showing us how its done!

The crew!

Sia was not sure about poor Girly. Girly wanted to lick that poor
dog so bad. (The scar on her neck is from when she was attacked
by a Mountain Lion as a weanling)


A very sleepy Chi!

Chi is going for her first Jet Ski ride with her Granddaddy!

There they go!

The view from the pier

My Grandma!

My Brother

Matt and Jen

Scott and Heather

Grandma and Gwen playing in the pool!

Matt and Jen/Scott and Heather

Its been a crazy 2 weeks, but I think its finally starting to calm down. Thank Goodness...I'm exhausted!


  1. What a pretty farm! Love all the green grass.

    1. Thank you! The farm is a historic farm from the 1700s I believe. Maybe before that. Its absolutely beautiful. 300 acres I believe of beautiful tranquility!