Monday, June 3, 2013


My husband  and I sat down last night and talked about a lot of being the fact that I really really really want another child. I know the risks. I lived through them. I lost my first child at 26 weeks. With Gwen, I was on bed rest at 11 weeks, had weekly dr appts, had weekly iron transfusions and delivered her 1 month early. Still, I really want another child. That being said....

One of the other things we talked about was possibly selling Tia. I really don't want to, and I really don't NEED to, but it would make life a lot easier not having her. She still needs work, but lots of people would love a nice, young horse to finish their own way. My concern is that even though I thoroughly check all my buyers when I sell, and I always sell with a first right of refusal clause, there is always the chance that she will end up somewhere non-savory. I don't know what I would do with myself if I ever found out she went back to Camelot, or was back to being abused and/or starved.

So.... do I sell her? Do I lease her? Do I lease with the option to buy?

What do I do?????


  1. I always feel like I'd lease a horse before I sell it, or leasing with the option to buy is good too. But its probably better just selling her straight off.

  2. In this situation? I'd lease. Possibly with the option to buy.