Monday, November 19, 2012

Daylight Savings Time....Sigh

I know, I know. I'm a horrible blog keeper! The past few weeks have kind of flown by. I had to switch my feeding nights at the barn from during the week, to just the weekends. Dragging my poor three year old to the barn until 8 at night was not working out! So, now I only get to see my girl on the weekends. (I live about 45 minutes from the barn, so going down there every night isn't really an option at the moment, especially since all I would be able to do is tell her that I wanted to work her and then leave)

That being said, Daylight Savings Time Ending will be the death of me. It gets dark far to early! Tia still gets quite a bit of grain, so working her right after her breakfast is not something I am a fan of. But, then again, it gets dark at 5pm, and most of my day on Saturdays and Sundays are filled with lessons, going to get feed, spending time with my daughter and my Mom or (gasp) actually getting to see my husband while we are both awake. Sigh. Sometimes I feel like I will never get Tia worked....

And then there is the slight issue of her back end....I am actually a little worried. It may just be a lack of muscle but she is really stabbing her right hind leg...constantly. It looks to me like a blown stifle. Super sticky through the joint and quick to get off the leg. After her appt with April 2 weeks ago, it was much better. But now, I am seeing some major stickiness going on. April is due to come back out on the 28th I believe, but I'm concerned that she may need more at this point.

I have always had wonderful success with keeping my old man on a joint supplement with MSM to help with his stifle issues. It def seemed to help him and keep the joint and muscle working in better harmony. My concern is that at this point, how do I know putting her on a supplement will help? I cant get down there in the week to work her, we don't have lights outside in the ring, and working her once a day on weekends may not be enough. Although it will be more than what she is being worked currently.

I have all these grand plans..and then life happens. I want Tia to be the best she can be, and right now, I feel like I am her biggest obstacle. She can't go forward without my help, I know this. So why am I being the one to let her down? Why do I make excuses to not work with her? Why do I choose to not work her in the morning after all the chores are done instead of saying, "Oh I will just come back early this evening and work her" and then it never happens. I am sabotaging the mare I swore to save. Sigh. I know I need to just do it and get over myself. I know I need to make the time. I seem to make excuses for not working with her. Could it be because I have actually become attached to this mare? This mare that has these horrible personality and training faults? This mare that reminds me so much of my first show horse? This mare that has stolen my daughters heart? My intentions for this mare when I took custody of her, were to get her better, train the heck out of her, and find her a new loving home. I never intended to keep her. EVER. She is far to small for me and lets be honest...shes a mare. I don't do mares. And then I see myself hanging out with her. She has become this super affectionate, loving, trusting mare that would do anything I asked her to just for a head scratch. I know I CANT keep her, but try telling my heart that.

Not quite sure where all that came from, when I originally wanted to just get some opinions on supplements and some different excersizes I could do with her, other than ground driving and going over poles and hills. Suggestions??????

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