Monday, November 5, 2012

Dang its COLD!

I don't really have much to report on. It has been super cold since Hurricane Sandy came through. We got really lucky and had no damage or injury's at the barn. Everyone stayed inside in their nice warm stalls with plenty of water and hay!

On a personal note, it has been crazy the past week or so. Between people not owning up to their responsibilities, family and friends becoming sick and sewer issues I think I need a vacation!

On a good note, Tia is looking WONDERFUL! I lunged her for a little bit on Saturday morning and the stifle issue def seems to be more prominent. I ordered a surcingle last week, so hopefully that will come in this week and I can start line driving her up some hills and over some polls. Lunging is not something I want to do with her if she has something going on with that stifle. A friend from the barn has a acupuncturist/chiropractor friend that comes out to do her horse every 2 months or so. She is coming this week, I am hoping to get her to take a look at Tia just to make sure it isn't something in her back/hip.

I am now switching her feed over. Hopefully this will be the last switch. She has been on Blue Seal Senior and Blue Seal Performance LS since I got her. She has picked up the weight nicely and just recently really started packing on the pounds. She is now on Blue Seal Senior and Blue Seal Sport. She will eventually just be on the Sport Formula which I think is fantastic!

And now... Pictures!

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