Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The New Girl

First off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Erin. I work as a receptionist in a small office in PG County by day and by ... well any other time I am awake, I am with either my family, which includes my wonderful husband and daughter, or I am with my horse family. Right now I am currently taking a break from accepting new students to take time to work on my newest project.

The Introduction to Treasure...
I received a note from a friend of mine last Wed, the 19th of September. She told me she had a pony mare that needed a new home. The mare was not hers, but someone she knew had it. She had ridden the mare 6-10 months before and it just needed some training. She also said she has a slight kicking problem, but thats pretty fixable. The more I heard about the mare, the more I liked her and thought she could make a decent 4H prospect with a few months training. So, we set it up to go see her.

Myself and two of my students went over to see her, her name was Treasure at this time, after lessons for the evening. The friend who had contacted me about her met us over there..in the dark. Yes, I really wanted to see the mare. She told me she was a little under weight when we had talked earlier so I knew I wouldnt be riding her. What we were all met with when we got there was not what we expected.

Please be warned, some of these photos may be hard to handle.

 I immediately called my husband, who immediately told me to make arrangements to bring her home. I love that man! I made arrangements right then and there to bring her home. One of my students that was with me would trailer her to her barn the next night.

Thursday night we met at the barn at 6:30pm. The trailer was already hooked up, so we finished evening chores and away we went.

We got to the location where Treasure was being kept around 7:15pm. I got to speak with the owner for the first time. She explained her kicking habit, which really doesnt seem much like a habit, more like she does it because she can. She explained why/how she fell off the last time she rode her. And she told me the mare was getting 5-6 quarts of a 17% fat feed....we will let that go.

We loaded the mare in the dark. The only light was from a friends headlights of her car. 5 minutes and alot of laughing later, the mare was on the trailer. And away we went.

She unloaded beautifully from the trailer when we got home. She walked very politely up to the barn. It took her only a few minutes to figure out that going into her stall wouldnt harm her. She drank from the fresh water, ate from the fresh hay, licked her new mineral block, sighed contently and then laid down and took a nice roll in her fresh new sawdust. We let her relax for a little while before pulling her out for better pictures and giving her dinner.

Again, these may be hard to look at.

 She then went into her stall for the night to eat her dinner and sleep comfortably.

More updates to come. So far so good. Her registered name is One Mans Trash. I will be changing her name as soon as I can. She is NO MANS TRASH. She is my Tia, and I believe she thinks that deserves a Thanks In Advance.

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