Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pedicure....I think so!


Tonight was the appointment with the farrier. I just have to say how impressed I am with Jennifer Hurry. She did an amazing job and Tia really seemed to like her.

Gwen and I got to the barn a little before 6:30pm, because traffic sucks, to put it nicely! Jennifer was already there ready and waiting. I went down and grabbed Tia and came right up. No dinner before getting her feet done. We were fighting daylight and quite honestly, I am hoping she will connect getting her feet done with a nice meal.

We went straight to work. Tia was a bit panicky about leaving her foot in the air for any amount of time longer than say 10 seconds, but Jennifer just talked her through it and got her standing nicely. We only had a few times on the first foot where we ended up in a different spot of the barn area. By the second foot, the left back foot, we had pretty much figured out that her reactions were not only reactions of fear/pain but also because she had obviously been let to get away with these shenanigans before. Ha! Not anymore. If Jennifer was hanging on, so was I!

All in all, Tia did wonderfully. I can not thank Jennifer enough! She really took the time to make sure her feet were correct and even showed me what she was looking at. I love learning and tonight really helped me!

It took about 45 minutes I believe to do all four feet. Of all of her feet, her right front was the worst. She never kicked out or offered to be mean or nasty. Her answer is to just go backwards....our answer was to simply go with her.

We DID NOT have to use Ace, chains, or twitches on her! I swatted her belly a time or two to try to keep her from going backwards as much. All in all, what seemed to work the best, was a good ole head rub!

Here are her before and after feet pictures. I am sorry the afters are so grainy. My cell phone takes horrible night pictures.

The vet is now scheduled to come out on Thursday night. We are going to go over her with a fine tooth comb, check her teeth, draw a new coggins, update her shots, and get her de-wormed if she can handle it.

Until then, here is my smiley girl being loved on by my Mom - who just happened to swing into the barn for her pedicure!

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