Friday, February 21, 2014

Finally - Ride Time

The weather has been...sucky! The ground has been...sucky! And the horses attitudes have been...sucky!

BUT! I actually made it to the barn last night to spend some much needed time with my girl! Luckily, she was already hanging out in her stall so I didn't have to walk through ankle deep "yuck" to get her! Yay! I pulled her blanket off and took a swipe with my brush...and then thought better of it and went and got the shedding blade!

Spring is coming people! Tia's lost enough hair last night to build an entire new Tia...and she still has more left to lose! Spring is coming!

Ahem..sorry about that..I got a little excited!

So, after brushing and tacking we made our way to the big barn. I lost my shoes three times in the mud. And it isnt even like the pastures are terrible. We have really nice pastures. We have just had 11 inches of snow sitting on them and then yesterday it was like 55 degrees! Sigh. I cant complain was WARM!

Anywho, so I took her into the indoor and lunged her while Gabs hopped on Mocha Man bareback. Does anyone remember the Flinstone cartoons where they would move their feet really fast but not really go anywhere? Yeah...that was what Tia looked like. In between looking like a cartoon, she looked, and sounded, like a freight train! Full speed ahead, damn anything in her way, freight train! Sigh.

I tried her new bridle on her...its to big. I need to punch more holes in it! She is this weird in between size of Cob and Horse...its kind of frustrating! Good thing I am friends with the Amish Tack Shop Owner!!! I love him!

So after a little more lunging, freight train remember?, I hopped on her and rode her in her halter and the reins. She was good as cold! Very calm. Very light. Seemed to enjoy not having a bit in her mouth!!! Which makes me happy! She is probably just going to be a trail horse, so a bit really isn't needed if she is controllable with just a simple sidepull. I have a really nice sidepull and a custom made bitless bridle that I will try on her next time!

Here is the link to the video of us last night. It isn't long at all. Just us walking around enjoying some time together. LINK

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We will be spending the weekend, yet again, moving my husbands parents. Pray for me! ;)

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  1. Hope you have a safe and sane weekend, and it is frustrating when ponies are between sizes.