Monday, January 13, 2014

Blankets, Cold and Rain! Oh My! **Pics added**

Last Saturday, the 4th, I had this bright idea to run over to the barn and throw Tia's blanket on her for the upcoming Polar Vortex..or whatever they were calling it. I call it - RIDICULOUSLY COLD! Anyway, over to the barn we went. Tia and Mia were all the way out in the field and REFUSED to come up to the barn to even get a treat! Sigh. The fields were a mess and I had the wrong shoes on to be tromping through wet fields. So, we left and I resigned myself to just go over on Sunday. Which I actually did! Ha!

Tia was very very happy with her blanket on. I normally don't blanket my horses, but this weather coming in had me scared that she would do something silly like stand in the rain and cold all day and then not be able to get warm and dry at night in her stall. So, with the forecast being 7 degrees, I bit the bullet and just threw her blanket on her. I do have better pictures, but they are on my good camera and I haven't had a chance to grab them yet.

Monday night I stopped at Tractor Supply and picked up a heated water bucket for her stall. Then headed over to the barn to install her new bucket and Mia's heated bucket as well. I told myself "Do Not Drive Down The Driveway To The Barn" and yet, I did....and ended up getting stuck for about 10 minutes not 10 feet from the paved part of the road. But, thanks to my driver training from my dad all those years ago, I got it unstuck and parked it and walked to the barn.

The girls were happy to see me, which is a first here lately. I got their buckets plugged in and filled, gave them lots of love and kisses and treats and then settled them in for the night. It was ... COLD. Ugh.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. It rained, and it was cold, and that made people drive like idiots, and I wished to become a hermit. But all in all, it was OK.

This past weekend was pretty busy as well. When are my weekends not busy!? I really just want to ride my mare! Ugh!

Saturday morning I ran to the barn to take Tia's blanket off. She really only needed it for those couple of below 0 degree nights and it was supposed to be in the 60's Saturday. Well....apparently, she likes her blanket and she doesn't care what I feel needs to be done, she feels warm and pretty and important in her blanket ... therefore, the blanket stays on...FOREVER! Muuuaahhhaahhhaaaaaaa! Yep, you guessed it. She refused to come to the barn...again! It was pouring down rain, I had the little Chi with me and we were both wearing tennis shoes...of which mine are basically sandals at this point and need to be replaced. And with that, the decision was made. If she wants it on, fine. That beats me having to brush her mud soaked coat before riding her now and it beats her being wet and able to get out of being ridden in the first place! I will just have to remove it on warmer days. But, she is happy in her big girl blanket, and that makes me smile!

I will try to grab some photos off the camera tonight and add them to this blog.

I hope everyone has a great day!

As promised...Pics Added!

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