Friday, August 2, 2013

Pictures...and now VIDEO

Life has been kinda crazy. I picked up another job as an IT Tech which has kept me busy, along with taking care of Tia, giving lessons and trying to be home enough to see my hubby and little Chi.

This post is basically pictures. So. Here is the reminder of where we started....

And here we are today!

I am so in love with this mare. She is sweet, kind, extremely smart, willing to please and loves to learn. I do have her up for sale or free lease to the right home only. If the right person comes along, then I will let her go...if I can. My heart breaks just thinking about letting her go, but I know that my heart may not be her last stop in her life. If she stays with me, so be in. Whether she physically remains with me or not, I will love her always. She brought back a part of me I thought was dead..a part of me that died with Boomer. 

I can never repay what Tia has done for me. She has a space in my heart right there next to Boomer...until the end of time.