Thursday, April 25, 2013

I know..I know. I's a Terrible Blogger!

I hadn't realized just how long it has been since I last posted anything! Wow! Where do I start? Hmmmm. Since the last post, there have been quite a few things that have happened.

Tia got to go on her first big girl field trip! I was a bit anxious about this because it would be her first time off the farm since coming here. She really is a good girl, and she tries very hard to please me, but I knew that she was probably going to be a bit of a brat. So...I was prepared.

Her big girl field trip consisted of getting in the big girl trailer, which took about 10 minutes with the help of tapping lightly on her fat butt with a dressage whip, and the going up to Hideaway Horse Center with Ber Ber! We left poor Mia alone with the goats...she was not pleased! Any who, Tia traveled very well and seemed to behave herself. When we got to Hideaway, we unloaded Ber and Tia and walked them through the barn to the back fields to stick them in their turnout paddock for the day. Tia was VERY excited. Head high, fast walk, looking at everything, sniffing everything, talking to everyone. She even nickered at April when she saw her. April is Tia's Acupressurist. (Just a Touch - Equine Acupressure - Pain Point Release) So out they went in their little paddock while Nikki gave lessons and I cleaned out my car! I got to take some nice photos again of the Luis Galindo lessons. I love going up to Hideaway! The people up there are just so nice and I learn so much!

At lunch break, I brought Tia in to get groomed up and to go work in the indoor, since she thought it was gonna eat her earlier! April offered to do her treatment then, instead of after her lesson, since I already had her in, so we went ahead and did her session. Now, did I mention that Tia is a squealer? She squeals at everything! So, of course, when you have to get after her about something, her response is just to squeal at you. But, there is no real backlash. She just thinks if she squeals we will stop. She had April rolling! You really cant even take the mare seriously when she squeals!

So after her session, we went on out to the indoor. Talk about a wild pony! Ha! She ran around like a loon for about 10 minutes before her brain kicked in. LOL. April got to see just what I was talking about with her being off on the right hind while we were lunging. I jogged her in a straight line for her as well. We both see it going more down her leg and possibly towards her hoof at this point. She isn't severely off, but it is noticeable if you look for it. Luis asked me why I wasn't riding her at the barn. I explained to him that she is still really green and this is all new to her. He actually offered to ride her for me! He called her cute! Yay!!!! There was a group of kids on a tour at the time I was lunging Tia, which was wonderful because the kids got to see how it isn't all about riding and no work! After her session, she went back outside to hang out while April and Nikki had their lesson.

Well, the next part wasn't so great. Nikki came off and landed on her butt because Ber refused a GROUND POLE! Who does that?? Evil Mare! And then at the end of their lesson, April came off. Her fall was a bit more dramatic. Mali went to go over the jump (4'9") and then decided not to, tucked his shoulder, April went forward into the jump, Mali turned and kicked her in the chest and ran off. She was flown out, but is now back in the saddle. She even had a show this past weekend. 1 week and that girl is back at it! She is a tough cookie!

Here is a link to the pictures I took while at Hideaway. All the other pictures are from that weekend as well...detailed below!

While we were at Hideaway, the barn got a new tenant! Dot!!! Dot is...HUGE! I had forgotten just how big she is! But boy is she sweet! I ended up letting Dot out with the other girls on Sunday instead of keeping her in the ring for a week. And yes, I got yelled at for it. But, I saw a huge safety issue and I was the only one there. It was either let her out, or she was taking out the gate with her leg. There were absolutely no issues, and everyone was very happy. Dot even went for a swim in the pond when her mom came to see her. Poor planning on Dot's part her Mom knows that she likes the more side stepping mud puddles for Dot! Ooops.

Gwen got to Ride Tia for the first time. It was actually quite bitter sweet. She has been asking and asking to ride Tia for a while now, but I just wasn't comfortable with it. This last ride, she felt good. She was nice and relaxed and dog tired, so I figured, Why Not? She did great.

I wasn't able to do anything horse related other then feed this past weekend, and that was only Saturday morning. I ended up at the Dr's office on Monday. Double Ear Infection, Throat Infection, Bronchitis and Laryngitis. I'm a receptionist...I cant answer the phones! I am so glad the people at my office love me!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I will leave you with this final picture, until next time!

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