Monday, March 18, 2013

Tia's Journey - 6 Months

There are no words to express the amount of love and joy I have for this mare. She continues to amaze me everytime I am around her. I am starting to let my guard down with her and just let her be her, which resulted in her coming over to me last night and putting her head over my shoulder and letting out a huge sign. I wrapped my arms around her neck and just enjoyed the moment...which honestly was a first for her and I.

We have a special bond, or at least I could feel that we have a special bond. But last night was the first night that she SHOWED emotion and shared that emotion through contact with anyone. The girls mess around and hug her all the time, just to show her that contact is ok, and sometimes needed. She showed me last night that all that we have all gone through to save her, all the time and love and kindness was well worth it.

A few pictures from yesterday morning. I was sitting on the ground just hanging out while the girls and the goats munched on hay...well, I was before they all mobbed me!

Nosy Goat #1

Nosy Goat #2

Munching on Hay

Why are you sitting on the ground Mom?

Cute nose shot Mom!

I shall breath on your lens and make you have to clean it! Muuaahhaaa!!

munching with Mia

The Three Amigas

My pretty girl watching me leave for the morning. 

I put together a video compilation of Tia's time with me so far. I hope you all enjoy it!

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