Tuesday, January 15, 2013



OK. I think I am better for the moment. Sigh.

Things were going so well. Things we falling into place. My husband and I were making plans to buy a place this fall/winter with enough land to have Tia at home. And, maybe even a few more. ;) Houston, we have a problem.

Will called me Friday night while I was driving home. The house that we are currently renting has been sold to a developer, along with all of the property around us. We all, 4 families I believe and 1 of the families has 6 horses, have to be out by April 1st. We just moved 10 months ago because the house we were renting was going to be torn down to make way for restaurants...that didn't happen. That house is now up for sale.

I didn't want to move again until we found our own place. We were planning on finding our dream home, or building our dream home, and that was going to be it. No more moving! I kinda feel like a nomad! Sigh.

It is what it is, and I know everything happens for a reason. We have been through much worse and we made out OK. We can handle this. We got this. (I'm just not happy about it)

Tia is doing very well. Switching her to Corta Flex and a separate MSM has done wonders for her. I can see major improvement in the hip/stifle area. She had her farrier appointment this past Friday...that didn't go as well as expected. I couldn't be there, so Nikki held her while the farrier did her feet. Tia decided to rear on the cross ties and then act like an ass outside the barn. I made sure to go ahead and schedule her next appointment for when I can be there. She doesn't act like that with me...and if she does, she wont for very long. I pretty much wanted to kill her and Mia Sunday morning. I had somewhere we, as a family, had to be that morning. Wouldn't you know that would be the morning where Tia and Mia acted like idiots and refused to do as they were told. REFUSED. And I had to leave, so I said screw it. They are apparently back to normal now that the Alpha mare is back from her show weekend!

I signed up for a year at the gym. I have been going Mon - Sat and I am loving it. I am currently down 6.2 lbs! Yay!! It is def helping with my stress levels and is giving me an outlet that I didn't have before. Its not like I can go ride my green broke PONY mare in the dark. Not only would I probably squish her, I'm sure I would end up as a tree ornament as well. So the gym is where I am every night and Saturday afternoons.

I got to take photos at Hideaway Horse Center this past Saturday during the Luis Galindo Lesson Day. I am loving my new camera. I am def getting better at my timing. Here are a few pics from the day.

I had to...Cuteness Overload!

My little girl was super sleepy..this is how I found her when I got home!

I hope everyone has a good week! TTFN!

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