Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dr Appt = Good News!

Well, tonight was Tia's vet appointment!! I have to gloat before I go any farther...She is such a good girl! I am just so proud of her!!

Ahem. Ok. Sorry. Lets start over! :)

I found out today that my REAL camera (as opposed to my cell phone camera) actually has some pretty cool features and therefore, will make my picture taking life a whole lot easier! That being said, I kinda played around with the settings a bit to see if I could get some decent grazing shots before Dr. P showed up.

Dr. P showed up right on time! I know! A vet that shows up on time! Holy Wow! (I do so love my vet!!) Ok. Sorry. Side tracked!

Anywho, Dr. P showed up right on time. We talked for a minute about her history and about the changes I have made to her diet and turn out schedule. We then walked to her pasture to get a "fecal sample". Yep! Poop. Oddly enough, we think she is pooping all the way at the other end of the riding ring...probably just to giggle at us trying to find said "fecal sample". 

With no poop pile in the close vacinity to be found, we headed up to the barn. Once up at the barn, Dr. P took his time and went over Tia. Listening to her lungs, heart and gut sounds. Everything sounds great! He checked her teeth and they confirm that she is in fact 6 years old, coming 7. We decided against giving her her shots due to her weight and the fact that her immune system still may not be up to parr. We are gonna give her 3 weeks and see if we can get her the shots then. 

I did ask to have a coggins drawn, which I figured we might get a little reaction out of Tia about because of the needle. Nope. Nada. None. Needle in, needle out, no movement. What a good girl. 

Dr. P then checked her teeth again and took a more in depth look. She had some pretty good points on the back upper and lower teeth, so we decided to go ahead and float them down. 

I have to tell you...this mare is a cheap date! One shot and boom! Out like a light! Poor thing! 

After her teeth were all floated, we put her in her nice stall (now with fan!) to let the sedative wear off. Dr. P suggested we Pancure Pack her this weekend to make sure we get all the worms if there are any and to call him in 3 weeks. 

And in even more exciting news, he has given us the all clear to take her out of QT! Yay for Tia! Starting Saturday morning, she will still be going out in the riding ring, but Ber and Mia will be able to go out in the pasture right next to her! I am so excited for this! She already talks to the other girls constantly. It will be so nice for her to have some interaction with the other horses. 

So I went in to check on Tia after Dr. P left. Poor thing. No hay or feed for an hour after sedation. She was so miserable!

I let Tia relax and come out of the sedation while I turned the other two out and cleaned stalls. I fiddled with the camera settings some more. Tried to get a good picture of a hippity hoppity frog, but he was being a brat and wouldn't sit still for his 10 seconds of fame! Darn Frog!

By the time I was done with chores and fiddling with cameras and yelling at frogs, Tia was steady telling me that her hay was definitely missing from her was her food. I opened her stall door a bit to talk to her and see how much farther she needed to come out of the sedation before I could give her her food. She took the opportunity to show me no more time was needed.

I took the time to sit and talk to her a bit before putting her hay in her room. She even stopped eating long enough to show me a little love. 

She tried so hard not to look to perturbed that I was making this a photo opp! :) 

All in all, a good day. Vet visit proved that nothing medically was wrong with her, we got her teeth floated, got a new coggins drawn and got QT clearance! 

In the span of just 7 days, this wonderful little pony now has a new fresh outlook on life. It can only get better from here on out. 

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