Friday, April 4, 2014

Follow Up - Farrier Visit

My trusty farrier came out last night to take a look at Tia's foot. The verdict so far is that, yes, she did tweak the existing injury. This injury is a pain in my butt! Sigh!

I am going to be soaking her everyday to help keep the area clean and free of anything that may try to wedge itself up in there. With it being so wet here, wrapping her may or may not be an option. IE - if she steps in mud, there is a good possibility the wrap will come right off. But, I am going to experiment with wrapping tonight and see how it goes. 

I am also going to put her on a hoof suppliment to help it grow out a little faster and promote healthy growth. 

Her front feet are pretty bruised. Not sure if its just from over compensating, or if she has been running around like a loon and hit a rock, or ten, somewhere! 

In the meantime, can everyone say a little prayer that this injury heals correctly and my girl feels better?

Thank you!!!!

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