Monday, October 14, 2013

Catch Up - Vacation

Where do I begin? Things have been crazy busy lately and my poor blog has fallen by the wayside. Lets go back to Vacation, and work our way up shall we?

September 21 - 29

Vacation!!! Yes! On Saturday, the 21st, we took little Chi to the Renn Fest! We had a great time!

Getting her hair braided!

Face Painting!

Waffles for Lunch! I think so!

Chi got to play Baby Bear in the play! She had the biggest ROAR!

The best way for Chi's to travel!

I love this picture!

These two are silly! Onto our next adventure!

Sunday was a day of rest - these two old people were TIRED! Little Chi was a bit sleepy as well! She actually took a nap!

Monday - Chi went to daycare. It was Hubby and I's 7th Anniversary! So we went to see Insidious 2 and then we went up to Joe's Crab Shack for Lunch, then headed home to spend some nice quiet time at home. Janie (our daycare lady) took Chi to Dinner with her and her hubby and brought her home around 9 that night. 

Tuesday - we were up bright and early to head to Great Wolf Lodge! What an amazing place! We bought a waterproof camera for the water park, but I have had a chance to get those developed yet. Here are just a few highlights!

We just got here...she is soooo ready for the water park!

Story Time before Bed!

Learning to Howl like the Great Wolf


Magic Quest - I highly recommend this..for adults as well! Totally Cool!

We had to explore all 4 floors of the was a bit exhausting!

She earned 2 Ruins. This is her second.

Putt Putt Golf!

Heading home on Wednesday afternoon!

Thursday - Chi went to daycare and the hubby and I spent the entire day cleaning and doing laundry! Why you ask? Well....

Friday - We packed up the car and headed to Duck NC with my Mom and Dad! We stopped at this amazing little farmers stand/market just inside NC. Its called Powell's I believe. Holy Poop that place is amazing! Tons of fruits and veggies. They had some of the best Apple and Sweet Potato Bread I have ever tasted, jams and jellies, salsas, and oh holy wow the FUDGE! Yum! 

We stayed in a beautiful house just up from the Ocean. You could see the sound from the top deck. 

We went to the beach a block or so away from the house after we got all settled. It was super windy and the waves were ridiculous! But gracious was it beautiful!

Strolling to the beach with Grandma and Grandad

My Dad and my Hubby

The kids playing in the sand

Fat little Seagull Butt

Showing Grandaddy her Shells

The water was coming to get her...when it did get was priceless! 
(Mom of the year right here!)

See how wet she is....hence the retreat to higher ground!

We went to Mako Mike's for dinner that night. What a nice place. Great service, good food and SHARKS! :)

Saturday - we went on a jeep ride on the beach to see the wild horses! They aren't very sociable! I consider myself slightly knowledgeable in horse language but these guys gave me the cold shoulder...until I pulled out my horse button on my phone! Ha! Take that!

Dad driving with Mom riding Shotgun in the Jeep

The coolest Chi on Earth

See - nothing

And more horses ignoring us. 

This guy is a stud. He is actually one of the better looking ones we saw!

Thank God for a good Zoom!

A Ha! Horse Button! Look at those ears! See the baby butt in the back!

Just one of the many homes on the beach. This one was just stunning!

The next few shots were taken from inside the jeep, going about Mach 10 
while my father tried to launch me out of the jeep! 
Thank God for seat belts!

We spent 2 hours, if not a little more, driving around on the beach checking out the horses, the houses and the waves. Beautiful! After that, we all went back to the house and ... took naps! Well, Dad was out first, then Mom and Chi were out. So we decided to go downstairs and watch TV and chill for a bit. Before heading out to dinner, I took a shower....there was far to much sand in my hair for my liking! We went to Dirty Dicks for dinner. They have AMAZING food. Don't be scared off by the name. That place is awesome! 

Sunday - Hubby and I took Chi to the beach early Sunday morning to get some playtime in. 

It didn't last long...poor Chi had to use the potty, so I told Hubs to take
her to the edge of the water and let her sit down. Yeah - ROUGE WAVE! 
She then proceeded to strip on the beach....and away we went! LOL

We spent the rest of the day visiting some different shops and had dinner with Mom and Dad before we made our way back to MD. Here are a few random shots for you!

We got back in MD around 11:15 Sunday night. Monday morning it was right back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But now that this vacation was over, I could start being excited over my next big adventure. 

Stay Tuned!!!

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