Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just a quick update

I am a horrible blogger. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Things have been a bit hectic.

My little girl turned 4 on July 8th. Good gracious where has the time gone?

My husband and I have been talking about having another baby, but after talking to my doctor last night about test results, it has been decided that we are going to wait another year and try to get some things fixed before hand. We know we want to move before having another one as well. A huge part of me is saying "just be happy with the little girl you have" and I think I am finally starting to listen to that. I AM happy with the little girl I have, and we are just starting to get a lot of our freedom back to go and do stuff and not have to worry about extra clothes, diapers, formula, car seats, strollers...etc.. So for now, I will cuddle everyone elses babies that they are having and be content.

Tia is doing exceptionally well. She is extremely happy at the barn she is at now. Totally different mare. She has always been very curious and loves to meet new people, but she has turned into the official farm greeter! The owner of the farm said she loves having Tia there and that everyday when she drives up the driveway, Tia runs to the fence and whinnies at her. It makes me happy to see this mare like this.

I have ridden her on my own. She was wonderful. Walked off nicely. No nastiness. Followed cues nicely...until the jog. Its very obvious that whoever "trained" her didn't do a very good job. She starts and stops like someone let the clutch out to fast in a 5 speed. But, its not something major and I am sure that with the right work schedule she will do just fine. However, there will be absolutely no work for her this week. Temps are expected to be in the 100's so the only reason she will leave her stall during the day will be for a nice cool shower.

Oh! While I was giving Tia her last bath, like a real bath with soap and smelly stuff, I noticed she has two scars on her back legs. I had noticed them before but didn't really pay attention because I thought maybe she just got into something...I could only see the scar on one leg at that time. This time..I investigated...and I had an AH HA moment. Looks like someone used hobbles on her back legs..which would be a huge reason why she isn't fond of people messing with her back legs. I will have to get pictures on her back legs so you guys can see what I see.

I have been trying to find the lady that used to own Tia. From what I have read on the Camelot picture comments, she was there when she went through the auction. Apparently, she told someone that the reason she was at the auction was because she was just to much horse for her, but that she still has her baby. Now, I can see her being a bit much for some people. She is an Alpha mare. I get it. If she thinks she can take you for a ride, she will. But why breed a mare with a temperament you don't like? Every horse my family has bred, the babies are 90% mama! Especially in attitude. I would just really like to talk to her. There are things I need to know!

Is she registered APHA?
How was she as a mama?
Who did you breed her to?
How was she to breed?
Did she have a filly or colt?
Was it colored?
Why did you breed her?
Why did you sell her?
Whats her medical history?
Who trained her?
What are her bloodlines?

You know, stuff like that!

Oh well. I should probably get back to doing something productive.

Have a wonderful day!

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