Monday, March 25, 2013

Our First Ride Together!!! (Pic Heavy)

This past Sunday, March 24, I rode Tia for the first time!!! I did something terrible to my back Sunday morning, and was on pain meds to help with the pain, so I had Becca lunge her and ride her first.

We started off lunging on the line. She was quite full of herself and was being quite nasty to poor Becca, so we free lunged her. Becca was at one end of the ring and I was at the other. This way, she could haul butt around the whole ring and we wouldn't be chasing her! And haul butt she did! She was feeling her oats yesterday! Bucking and squealing and running around like a reiner! Crazy mare!!

Hi Mom!!!

The plan was for me to get on her after lunging...that didn't happen. With my back bothering me, Roo and I both felt it was safest, considering her recent bucking fit, that Roo ride first.

Then it was my turn! I have resisted getting on her because I truly felt that I was just to heavy for her. At 5'7" and 270lbs, I figured her poor legs or back would buckle and we would look like a cartoon character splayed out on the ground!

But, in actuality, we looked like this!!!!

I have lost about 20 lbs, and even losing just a meager 20 lbs has made me feel a whole lot better. I knew that if I waited to be the weight I wanted to be, 200 lbs or below, before riding her, it would never happen - at least any time soon. Everyone was very supportive about me riding her now. She is a really nice mare, and as was pointed out to me by Roo, she trusts me more then anyone else. She took care of me. When I was nervous about the whole thing, she just went right along with it and made me comfortable. She never once offered to be nasty or resist what I was asking of her. I now know I can ride my mare, and NOT hurt her.

I will start riding her every weekend from now on. I am going to start working with her on halter/conformation as well. We will be attending the first Mounted Wanderers Show in May just to get her used to the different surroundings and the hustle and bustle. We may or may not show in halter, it all depends on how are work goes and if she is mentally ready for it.

I hope everyone is having a nice spring...

March 25 - Snowfall

Nikki and Ber Ber attended the BEST show yesterday as well. Every chance I get to photograph anything, especially horses, I take it. So to the Equestrian Center we went! Here are just a few shots I got yesterday. I am thinking about offering photo sessions for horse people, but I am not certified and didn't go to school for it. Not sure how that would work out for me.

Nikki and Ber did an amazing job! Luis, her trainer, rode for her as well, as she wasn't feeling all that great. Hopefully she is feeling better today!!!


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