Monday, February 18, 2013

Random Thoughts

Has anyone ever told you that you think to much? Not about anything in particular, just "to much"? I tell myself that...a lot. No matter how hard I try, I am constantly thinking to much. It just so happens to be a bit worse at the moment with everything going on.

Moving: We are moving in 11 days...(insert hysterical laughter here). My daughter has started completely freaking out about this. She is 3 1/2 and very observant. She has a bit of OCD like her Mother. My OCD is more centered around things being put back where they belong, like toys in the correct bin or remotes in the middle of the couch, I have other OCD issues, but we aren't gonna talk about that. Her OCD issues are more along the lines of consistency and "rituals" as we call them now. Things have to be done in a certain order and a certain way OR ELSE. We have been working really hard on changing certain routines/rituals so that she gets used to change. We have told her from the beginning that we are moving and explained that it means we are going to take all of our stuff, shove it into boxes and/or bags and take it to the new house. At first, there was excitement. A new room! A new house! New places to go and explore! Now...Its complete breakdowns about missing the house and how much she loves this house and "what if my blanket gets lost?" or "What if the tv is lonely?" or "What if Gizzy doesn't have food?". Basically, at this point, she has seen that some things are packed, and some are not. The things that are not, obviously, are staying with this house...the cats, the tv, her blanket, etc.. See where I am going with this? I feel bad for her, she obsesses over things that she really doesn't need to or shouldn't obsess over, but I guess its my fault. She is my kid! I'm sure once the move is over, everything will be just fine.

Work: Work is a bit stressful. I LOVE my job. I love the people I work for/with. I see us as a family. I truly feel like I belong here. I know I am not perfect. I am human, I am going to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. I will stay with this company until they don't want me anymore, which I hope is a long long time. Will's job has gotten quite a bit more complicated. He is working 60-70 hours a week..then coming home and working from home on weekends...all while still trying to pack the house. He loves his job and I think he finally feels like this is where he is supposed to be. And I believe that as well. There is tons of potential in this job for him and I truly believe he will succeed in it. Right now, everything is just 10x as stressful as it needs to be.

Horses: (Yeah I know, this is the part you all wanted to read first! Sorry!) Tia is doing really really well! She is extremely smart and very willing to least she is with me. Apparently, she only Which I kinda think is funny. She is definitely a one person horse. She behaves for everyone else and seems to be respectful when I am around. But I have heard reports of it all being a huge ruse! The polite, bright, intelligent, loving, friendly Tia I know and love apparently turns into a squealing bitch mare when I am not around. Now don't get me wrong, her and I have had our moments. But 95% of the time with me, she is polite and respectful. Have anyone else, other than my daughter who Tia just adores, ask her to do something and she arches her neck and squeals like you are trying to kill her. This is something I need to work on. I do plan on taking her to some of the 4H and open shows this summer. Not necessarily to be ridden and compete, but more for the sake of just getting her out and getting her used to the people and the horses and the PATIENCE needed to attend one of these events. My goal is to have Gwen show her by the end of the show season in a lead line class.
I was able to get some conformation shots of her yesterday. They aren't very good as I was by myself and the wind was going at about 30pmh. So I took them while she was eating and tried to get her to square up at least a little. She is definitely looking a million times better. I hadn't looked at the pictures of when we got her in a while, so doing this comparison was an eye opener. I knew her butt was looking good, but I didn't realize just how much the rest of her has filled out.

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