Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brrrr Its Cold!

As the title would lead you to believe, it has been REALLY cold here for the last couple days. I know, I know, there are a lot of places much colder than here in Maryland. But, I don't live there..I live here...and to me its really fracking cold! Ugh! And, I know that I am never happy. Its far to cold in the winter, and way to darned hot in the summer. I need to find my own private island that is always 75 degrees with a slight breeze and NO HUMIDITY! Sigh. But I digress.

The whole point of this post, was not to whine about how cold I think it is, but to tell you just how cold it really is. I got a text this morning that Tia, after being in her nice warm stall with plenty of hay all night, was shivering. Now, I just want to put this out there. I am not the type of person who blankets her horses just because. (I actually got good hearted crap from a good friend about having a blanket on her!)There has to be a real reason. Up until now, there hasn't been. She has a really nice winter coat. Her body weight/fat is where it should be. She is active and healthy. That being said, Aunt Nikki was nice enough to let her borrow one of Ber Ber's blankies for today.

Not only did she stand nicely, no kicking, squealing, whirling of the hind end, to be blanketed, she seemed to stop shivering almost instantly. Sigh. Looks like someone is gonna need a blanket if these temps keep staying this low. I put a "text" into my Mom to see if she has a 76" or a 78" blanket I can borrow for now that she isn't using. She is in a 78" at the moment, but Nikki says its a bit big. I'm a fan of the blanket being a bit bigger then to small. Just my opinion tho, so I might stick with a 78".

And now, what you all have been waiting for! Pictures!!!

Wearing her borrowed blankey!


Whatcha doin' Aunt Emily??

I think I shall nap while you take my photo!

See my icicles on my nose??!!

Sorry I had to add this one. I took it this morning.
Its my backyard over looking the farm behind us. 

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